Defendants accused of sex crimes face not only the potential criminal consequences of the offense, but also the negative stigma that surround sex crimes.

Even though our justice system guarantees defendants that they will be treated as innocent until proven guilty, sex crimes inflame the emotions of even the most level-headed prosecutors.

The negativity surrounding sex crimes makes it even more critical that those accused of these crimes consult with a San Diego sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible. 

Sex Crimes Commonly Charged in San Diego

California defines “sex crimes” as any misdemeanor or felony of a sexual nature. Common California sex crimes include:

  • – Child sexual abuse,
  • – Failure to register as a sex offender,
  • – Indecent exposure,
  • – Lewd acts with a child,
  • – Lewd conduct,
  • – Sexual assault,
  • – Sexual battery,
  • – Solicitation,
  • – Prostitution, and
  • – Statutory rape.

We understand that defendants facing any of these charges risk losing their freedom and many of their constitutional rights if they are convicted. We handle every case with our client’s desired outcome at the forefront of our mind. 

Consequences of a Sex Crimes Conviction

Beyond the criminal penalties associated with sex crimes, those convicted of these crimes face added penalties, including:

  • – Mandatory registration as a sex offender;
  • – Possible ban on owning or possessing a firearm; and
  • – Difficulty or inability to have the conviction expunged from your record.

In many cases, mandatory registration as a sex offender lasts for the remainder of your life. This can severely limit where you are able to live and your ability to secure gainful employment. 

Common Legal Defenses to Sex Crimes

A San Diego sex crimes attorney can help determine whether any valid legal defenses apply in your case that we can present in court. Defenses that arise in sex crimes cases include:

  • – Mistaken identity,
  • – The sexual contact was consensual,
  • – There is insufficient evidence to prove the accusation, or
  • – You were falsely accused.

Law enforcement takes sex crimes very seriously, and you should too. Once you find out that sex crimes charges have been filed against you, contact a San Diego sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible to get started on your case.

Contact Our Office to Speak to a San Diego Sex Crimes Attorney

Having a San Diego sex crimes attorney can make or break your case. A sex crimes lawyer can offer several advantages, such as: 

  • – Negotiating with the prosecutor to lessen your charges or have your case dismissed entirely;
  • – Preparing a valid legal defense for your case; and
  • – Providing a detailed explanation of the charges filed against you.

At the Law Office of Mark Greany, we appreciate the serious nature of being charged with a sex crime. Even if you are innocent, sex crimes charges often lead to the loss of personal relationships and a negative reputation.

Hiring a San Diego sex crimes lawyer offers the best opportunity to leave your sex crimes charges in the past and move on with your life.

Along with his extensive criminal law knowledge, Attorney Mark Greany brings a passion for justice and civil liberties to the table.

When your freedom is at risk, hire a San Diego sex crimes attorney committed to providing an aggressive and effective defense. Reach out to the Law Office of Mark Greany today for a free consultation.